Regional upgrade center

Iniks is able to provide turnkey Upgrade center, including release validation, to our customers worldwide while relying on local delivery manager and engineers. You will have the peace of mind that Iniks leads all aspects of the upgrade projects.

Iniks supports any type of upgrade (HW and SW) by ensuring that trained and experienced resources perform all actions (both on-site and off-site), which are required as part of the supplier upgrade procedure.

Since Q2 2010, Iniks supports a signaling equipment manufacturer based in North America to develop a nearshore, cost effective, upgrade center solution.

This center had to be capable of flawlessly upgrading hundreds of critical real time operating systems (based on CentOS distribution) and network applications (based on Apache, MySQL, SSH), in North America and CALA.

Iniks selected Mexico City as the epicenter of a mesh of engineers and technicians working 24/7 to deliver the key regional mobile operators with the latest feature-enriched product software updates.

    Our resources are delivering:
  • Software delivery scheduling coordinated with our customer's project managers
  • On and off-site software and HW pre-checks
  • Software system upgrade with minimal service disruption
  • Remote technical assistance to ensure successful software updates
  • Post upgrade checks and system handover to normal support
  • 24/7 on duty service to support escalations and crisis management

Iniks is a creative open-minded company that is able to bring ingenious solution in all circumstances. We focus on our professional skills to maximize our efficiency and workaround any technical barrier.

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  • "Iniks ability to build a reliable and cost effective upgrade center in North America was a tremendous help for our organization…"
  • - a service purchasing manager
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