Skills center

Iniks is able to provide multiple service levels to build-up a skill cneter with our customers.

Iniks can offer a "Skill Center" (SC) implementation by centralizing the technical point of contact for the whole set of similar equipments deployed at our customers network, in near shore or offshore locations.

The widely recognized advantages of this approach are to:
  • Reduce the level of support purchased from the manufacturer
  • Generate economies of scale in handling support transactions (calls, email, chat sessions, etc.)
  • Centralize and increase expertise and quality assurance (QA)
  • Reduce real estate costs, which come from having only one location instead of many
  • Generate support fees reduction from equipment and solution manufacturers by reducing the level of service purchased
  • There may need to be a larger investment in technology at a consolidated site, but one set of everything will ultimately be less expensive than having multiple systems for dispersed sites (typically when lab investments are required)

The SC is not responsible for emergency issues, as the solution supplier is obliged to perform this kind of support. Nevertheless the SC provides its Network application expertise and closely works with the solution supplier when a problem occurs. Iniks is currently in discussion with a well-established telecom solution supplier to build a SC organization in Morocco to serve the EMEA region. The objective is to centralize support activities while generating substantial cost reduction for 2011.

    The SC as designed by Iniks includes the following roles and responsibilities:
  • Centralize the technical point of contact for a product (or a family of products) of our customer
  • Manage all the technical requirements and raised problems for evolution in coordination with the solution supplier
  • Be responsible for the following activities: Technical interface for product roadmap/problem requests, Support in case of problems or information requests, Fault report management, Be a solution expert to analyze technical requests.
  • Have the references (HW & SW) of all the solution users in the world
  • Organize and follow up user groups

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    In addition to the standard features, Iniks provides optional services such as:
  • Elaboration technical requirements (feature request)
  • Technical interface for product roadmap/problem requests
  • Tests and preparation of new product/release introduction in networks
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Leading the functioning quality analysis (KPI development)
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