BSS/UTRAN Telecom Technicians

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BSS/UTRAN Technicians

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INIKS Consultants

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INIKS - 202


France, Germany, Italy, UK, Israël, South Africa

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English required

Position Type:

Full-time, Contract 12 months

HR Contact:

Elise Chabroux

Date posted:

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

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Initial training required

Posting Expires:

September 2011

Job Description

Job Purpose
Our customer is undertaking this statistics collection exercise to gauge their performance of platforms that caters to high-end Smartphones. The objective is to check the call success rates at pre-defined conditions (network, field condition, drive test routes), against a reference device (that could be a commercial phone). 

Job Detailed Description & Main Duties

  • Our customer will provide an automated setup that encompasses the platform under test & the reference device. This setup would enable making calls simultaneously from the platform & reference phones. It also has the ability to have multiple devices at the same time so you could make 3 calls simultaneously from the platform & reference phone.
  • The tests are to be static & drive tests
  • Because of the high level of automation, the expectation is that the person performing the test need not be very skilled on the domain, he/she oversees the tests, and collects collects logs.
  • It is expected that the candidate looks at the logs, does some filtering and ensures that the test has not failed because of setup issues and send logs to the customer.  
  • The customer wants to collect statistics out of a sample of some 3000 MO calls, each with ~5min duration
  • The test will have to be performed with most Tier-1 network operators in these markets.
  • The resources will be stationed in the above mentioned markets and has a valid driving license
  • Because of the level of automation that is available typical test cycle/market last ~2-3 weeks per month including tester filtering and producing a test report.
  • There would be 1 such test cycle /month and the visibility is for a year.


  • Experience of 1-3 years in BSS/UTRAN domains is a plus
  • Telecom Operator profile
  • There is no specific protocol knowledge required for the resource.  
  • Resource should be able to run the setup and oversee the tests & handle drive tests. 
  • One week training will be givencovering: handling platform, starting tests, looking at logs and checking there are no setup issues.  Some theory of call establishment would be sufficient for that training.
  • Problem Solving, Teamwork
  • Fluent English mandatory
  • Must be a self-starter and able to work independently with Field service experience in customer facing roles, 
  • Strong oral and written communications skills, 
  • Must be able to clearly and effectively communicate work status, risks and issues.  
  • Assisting project managers with their planning and estimates for projects.

We are looking for a technician who could ideally perform this assignment as independent contractor. A permanent local contract can be offered as well.
If you wish to apply, Please click the "Apply" button below or send us your CV in English at with the job reference mentioned above.  Please include your salary/rate expectations.

Starting date: September 2011

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