Your future at Iniks

Iniks' hiring process is based on a two-pronged approach.

As for the first part of this approach, Iniks is a human-sized company with a genuine enterprising spirit and renowned professionalism.

Your ambitions in terms of projects and career path are a priority for Iniks management. However, we must ensure there is a match between your ambitions and our career offer if we are to work together.

For this reason, before any technical assessment, Iniks seeks experts having the following qualities:

  • An open mind and genuine motivation
  • Ability to integrate, independent and curious-minded
  • On-going ability to take up challenges

If you possess these qualities do not hesitate to apply!


It's all about you

Like every services company, Iniks is committed to having its consultants progress throughout their careers. For Iniks this is an essential obligation in order to preserve the "expertise capital" gained in the various missions but also to meet the demands of its consultants and customers.

Once your application is submitted, our HR department processes it and performs a first selection. You will then be contacted for a first interview to help us get to know you better on a human level and to draw up an initial assessment of your expectations and our offer.

After this interview, Iniks will contact you and, if the result is favorable, will propose a second or even third interview to give you more information about the mission proposed and ideally enable you to meet your future customer. Once again, the main purpose of this process is to make the best possible match between your profile, your expectations and our professional proposal and this to best further both our interests.

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Iniks' hiring process ends with the signing of a work contract. This is the final stage in the HR process before you are integrated into Iniks then with the end customer for the purpose of the chosen mission.

Integration and the twice-monthly meeting with your direct manager are priorities for Iniks to ensure a vibrant link is maintained with the company. This may occur through business meetings in the work place but also through lunches/dinners or even by having a drink together depending on each person's schedule and personal commitments.