Business values

  • At Iniks we believe every customer is critical.
  • Iniks is designed to provide and support services; we do not operate a staffing agency.
  • Iniks dedicates a delivery manager to each activity; our customers can rely on us to effectively offload any service entrusted to us.
  • Iniks team, from sales to consultants, is inspired with a simple motto: understand situations and deliver solutions.

Experience Overview

Iniks is the company of highly skilled professionals who serve the specific needs and expectations of Telecom companies anywhere in the globe. Iniks applies its expertise in telecommunication and IT technology in order to make a meaningful difference in our customer expectations.

Iniks draws its strength from the expertise of its consultants. Given the daily difficulties existing at our customers, our consultant knows better than anyone what is required to offer high quality solutions.

Iniks is also a creative open-minded company that is able to bring ingenious solution in all circumstances. We focus on our professional skills to maximize our efficiency and to never make "languages" a technical barrier. Training and technological developments are regularly given to our staff. Beyond their skills, development in the work remains a priority for Iniks.

Iniks has developed a global field expertise that enables us to design and deliver services or turnkey projects anywhere our customers are.

Our expertise is focused on the telecommunication field and covers these domains:

  • Core-network Signaling
  • Performance management
  • Traffic modeling and mining
  • Mobile Messaging
  • Susbcriber Data Management (SDM)
  • Maintenance and Upgrades
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Mobile Messaging

Mobile Messaging technologies and services (SMS, EMS & MMS) will dominate the mobile market in terms of volumes and revenues for at least the next five years.

Mobile Messaging technologies deliver an unparalleled mobile experience that not only makes users productive, but also make mobile communications more secured/personalized with a user cost-effective approach and an unlimited set of innovative services for competitive mobile operators across leading device platforms.

    Iniks has developed an extensive operational expertise in the following technologies:
  • SMSC
  • SMS routing
  • Firewalling and fraud detection

Those technologies open a broad way to the development of revolutionary platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and PalmOS.

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Network Signaling

The Network Signaling concept refers to wireless & wireline digital signaling network standards designed by standardization committees from the major telecommunications operators and manufacturers around the world.

With the move to converged IP networks and next-generation networks, operators are forced to rethink their architecture based on IP network concepts by keeping in mind the network reliability, technology crossing mechanism and introduction of added value services requiring always more bandwidth in their networks.

    Iniks has developed an extensive operational expertise in the following technologies:
  • Supporting & deploying wireless and wire-line technologies (SS7 & IP)
  • Release 4 (NGN)
  • EMS
  • LTE

Iniks experience in Network Signaling domain helps our customers to cope with network design complexity to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges.

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Subscriber Data Mngt

In today's communications marketplace, the subscriber's information is split over multiple database silos, including HLR/HSS, CRM systems, network elements, AAA (RADIUS, DIAMETER, etc.) systems, LDAP servers and web portals.

The Subscriber Database Management (SDM) approach is to deliver highly personalized communication services by creating a unified, 360 degree view of the subscriber. Not just the identity and billing information, but also the service entitlements, preferences, presence, usage patterns, contacts, device information, etc.

    Iniks has developed an extensive operational expertise in the following technologies:
  • SPR
  • Migration project expertise

SDM consists in consolidating the subscriber data into fewer centralized databases to accelerate service delivery, reduce operational expense and enhance personalization and subscriber targeting.

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